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Frequently asked questions

1. How long is the membership valid? – The membership is valid for 12 months as of the date of the order. The membership begins always from the next full month. The membership continues automatically one year at the time, if the member does not cancel the membership after receiving our email reminder one month before the end of the valid membership period.

2. How much does the membership cost?
– The personal Gold Card costs EUR 235 + VAT. The number of nights is unlimited. You can stay at our partner hotels at the discounted price as often as you want. You can also order multiple cards and then the price per card will be lower.

3. How many rooms do I get at discounted rates with one membership card? Can I also book a room for my colleague? – One membership card can only be used to book one room at half price.
on the hotels with other discount you can book several rooms with one card. If you and your colleague stay in separate rooms, you both need your own cards. However, the membership card will pay for itself quickly, after approximately 2 to 4 nights, so you should recommend the membership to your colleagues who travel a lot also.

4. How do I make a reservation?
– You can make a reservation by contacting the hotel.
NOTE! Please follow the reservation information mentioned on the hotel pages.
All our Hotels' contact information can be found on our website at It is important to mention the Hotel VIP Club membership when making a reservation. 

5. Will I always get a discount when staying at Hotel Vip Club partner hotels?
– Yes, if there are available rooms at a hotel.

6. Can other persons use the card besides a card holder?
– Only a card member can stay at a hotel at a discounted price. The card cannot be given to anyone else. The card can be used for booking any type of a room at any time (unless it is mentioned otherwise by a hotel) and one room can be used to accommodate as many people as its capacity allows.

7. Can I get the discount travelling with my family?
– When card members travel with their families, most hotels are flexible about a one room rule. In this case a family can get up to two rooms at a discounted price but it is at the discretion of a hotel. When travelling with a family, it is always possible to get a bigger room at a discounted price.

8. If the card was purchased through a company, can it also be used for leisure trips besides business ones?
– Yes, it can. The card can be used for an unlimited number of nights at hotels at a discounted price regardless of the purpose of a trip. The only restriction is that the card is only used by a card holder.

9. Is the discount valid also at the weekend?
– Yes, the discounted price is always calculated according to the current price list. Hotel Vip Club discount does not affect other special offers of a hotel.

10. Is the membership renewed automatically? How can I renew the membership?
– The membership is renewed automatically. We will send you a notification by e-mail in advance. The membership can be cancelled in written form.

11. Why do hotels offer a 50% discount on their actual prices?

– Only a small number of hotels have a 100% occupancy rate. Thus, it is more beneficial for hotels to sell rooms to Hotel Vip Club members at half price than to have empty rooms. It is always better to get customers even by giving them a 50% discount than losing potential revenue in general.

12. Who can be a Hotel Vip Club member?
– Hotel Vip Club membership is suitable for everyone who travels a lot and often stays at hotels. The membership is paid off quickly. If you stay at hotels at least 2-4 times per year, this membership will definitely be beneficial for you.